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    Stay away from SCRAPBOOK*COM. They will VOID your sales and use the excuse that it is CC Fraud...Yep I can see someone commiting CC Fraud on a 2.99 item!!!

    My advice is DUMP'EM
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    Unfortunately CC fraud is very common even with $2.99 items, a lot of times the person implementing the fraud wants to check if the card works on small items before trying something larger.

    That being said, you can always contact the merchant to find out if possibly there was a mistake either in the void, or in the reason listed for the void - it is certainly possible that a mistake was made.

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    I can't see how about 75% of sales are CC Fraud or their excuse Suspected CC Fraud (their excuse is they don't know where the click came from). Then they decline you from their program and leave your links active. Sounds like a Parasite tactic to me.

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    I certainly agree that voided transactions are a concern, especially after seing posts by Globat affiliates who claim that they had friends or relatives set up accounts, which were not cancelled, but for which Globat reversed the transaction.

    However, I have not had this experience with, nor other merchants. I made a test purchase with, which was immediately tracked and reported; it was not reversed. I also made a test purchase with (a CJ merchant) and the transaction was NOT tracked at all, but later transactions have been reported.

    Subsequently, I have multiple transactions tracked and reported by, and no reversals. If you have an issue, then you should probably make a purchase yourself (or ask a friend or relative with a different last name & address to place an order), and see if it shows up and if it is reversed.

    Fraudulent credit-card orders for very small transaction amounts are relatively common for "downloadable" products, by the way.

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    As stated in several of my previous posts here on ABestWeb, has not "taken" any commissions from affiliates unless we had credit card issues, fraud/security concerns, or did not accept a sale for other reasons. Since you refer to these really "one-sided" post by some of our former affiliates without mentioning that I (for Globat) have addressed them all publicly in this forum I find it necessary to keep correcting these "rumors" or they will never stop! ;-)

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