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    Unmatching Google ads
    Hi all:

    I've had some people look at my homepage for and some are reporting seeing cotume ads and some are reporting seeing coupon ads. Obviously I don't want people to see coupon ads. Any idea what is going on?

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    the "Retail" in your domain might be kicking them in just a thought though. the coupon people bid on the word retail. Its a strecth but that would be my uneducated guess

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    There are new comment tags you can use to highlight or show which words you want googleadsense to pick up on. Its in their help section somewhere. Someone posted about it on this boad yesterday i think...From what I saw it worked like a charm.

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    Every google ad that I see is for coupons. I believe it's the word 'discount'. Look how many times you have used it. Since you have practically have no text, the mediabot is picking up on your navigation links and it sees the word discount as the keyword for that page.

    Try putting a paragraph or two between your logo and the rest of the content using the word costume. You know, something like, Jacks Retail is the place to buy costumes, blah blah blah. And then use the new tags offered by google to focus on that section.
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    To see what type of ads you are likely to get, use some of your text in generic google searches and note what types of adwords ads come up.

    Did you check out section targeting yet? See
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    I got "Great Costumes for 2005" and "Halloween Costumes" when I viewed your page. Perhaps you've already found the fix?

    I've had a couple of pages that displayed 100% inappropriate ads, and had to make changes to the text to correct the ads being displayed. You have to get creative with the way you form sentences, and a Thesaurus helps as well!


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    Action Jackson - King of the World
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    January 18th, 2005
    I'm finally seeing costume ads. What I did is remove above my three Halloween banners the words Discount Halloween Coupons. This was only on the page once so I'm kind of surprised it brought up coupon ads. I'm actually surprised that Adsense doesn't pull from our title and meta tags. Now if I could only figure out why ranking sucks. I checked last night and on google I am #256 for discount Halloween costumes and #1 on MSN

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