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    How do you incorporate keyword misspellings?
    I've placed common misspellings in the keyword meta tag but really what's the use if most SE's aren't using them.

    I don't want to put them in my actual pages because then I would look like an idiot. Well, except to those that think they spelled it right in the first place!

    So what do you do to try to capture visitors that frequently misspell (or even constantly mistype) keywords?
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    I don't incorporate misspellings, for the same reason you state. I don't want to impact conversions, and misspellings will do that. To me, the potential conversion downside isn't worth the potential SEO upside. If you do PPC, you can bid on misspellings. They're usually far cheaper than the actual keywords, although the volume is much lower. Also, if you have a search feature on your site, you might want to incorporate misspellings into that so people will find what they're looking for even if they misspell it.

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