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    How to append a string into an array in PHP?
    How do I append a string, ex. a delimiter '/' into an array?

    My example:
    $pattern = '/' . $keywords . '/';

    $keywords is an array but the $pattern won't turn into an array.

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    $pattern = array('/','$keywords','/');
    But if $keywords is an array itself, I don't assume it can works. Well I'm not pretty sure to know what you want exactly, maybe more explanations could help me to help you.
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    Try ...
    PHP Code:
    array_walk($keywordscreate_function('&$v,$k''$v = "/" . $v . "/";'));
    $pattern $keywords
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    Well, if you want to do the operation on every item of the array, then do what Buddha said.

    This should take ("a", "b", "c") and give you ("/a/", "/b/", "/c/").

    If you actually mean that you want to put your delimiter at the beginning and end of your array, then try something like this:

    $newarray = array_merge((array) "/", $oldarray, (array) "/");
    This SHOULD take ("a", "b", "c") and give you ("/", "a", "b", "c", "/").

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