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    EBay to buy Skype $2.6B
    I've used Skype maybe once or twice before, certainly didn't think a free online VOIP service was worth $2.6B. In 2004, the company generated about $7 million in revenues. Full story below,

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    Yeah, I agree. 2.6 billion for a company that produced 7 Million in revenue. That's a lot of money!

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    When a company buys another company it doesnt only have to do with prior years revenue. If you continue to read it says this years revenue is projected at $60Mm... and next years at $200Mm.

    When a company is growing that rapidly the purchasing cost is generally an exuberant amount more than what its current value is. It would be difficult to buy a company for a lower amount when the company is certain that they will grow over 100% in one years time. The purchasing company must offer enough to entice the owners not to wait another year or two to sell the company at a higher price.

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    They're probably also getting a bunch of patents thrown in for good measure.

    Perhaps they need the technology for the backbone of a major project they're working on to make eBay more interactive.

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    Skype is amazing, I use it almost everyday. I got a skype connector that my phone plugs into so I don't have to use a mic. it's like using your normal phone t o call long distance for free.

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    I wish I got a commission on that one! lol

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    ebay to buy skype and a few days later a hardware maker releases a tool for ISPs to block Skype packets and p2p packets. I see ebay being screwed

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    old, old thread bump but - EBay to sell part of telecom service Skype for $2B

    NEW YORK EBay Inc. is trading control of the online telecommunications service Skype for about $2 billion, reversing a 2005 acquisition that many analysts considered a head scratcher from the beginning.

    The company famous for its online marketplace said Tuesday it is selling a 65 percent stake in the business to a group of private investment funds for $1.9 billion in cash and a $125 million note, while retaining a 35 percent stake.........

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