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    Help with index page navigation
    I am a new user and having a problem with the WM-indexnext tag. Since I'm not great at html and use Adobe Golive here's what's happening: [WM-LinkIndexNext: target="_blank"]Next Page[/WM-LinkIndexNext] is what I'm inserting at the bottom of the page. But to make "next page" an actual link Golive needs to have a reference. What do I put here?

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    I use GoLive too. WebMerge writes the link for you, so you only need to paste the link as you have it, no need to add anything else to it.

    Check out the templates in the Congress Contact example included in the WebMerge package to see that tag in action.
    Richard Gaskin
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    Thanks, I'll give that a try and let you know if I have further problems. It is a great program and saved us hours of work.

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