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    How to confirm my tracking is OK?

    I'm fairly new to world of AM and have recently seen my EPCs fall to rockbottom on CJ. I've been running with a CJ merchant for the past 6 months that was getting me an EPC around $30 for 4 straight months (Apr, May, Jun, Jul).

    In August, my EPC dropped to about $4 and so far for Sept I'm at an EPC of $.20.

    I've asked CJ and the merchant for help here, but the responses have been weak at best. So, my question is how can I test my tracking to make sure everything is still working? I really can't make a bunch of test purchases b/c the average item at this merchant is over $50. Is there a simple way to check my cookies for the right info?

    I'm trying not to simply blame the CJ update for my EPC drop. I've been doing a lot of work on my site recently....but I can't see where anything I've done would have screwed up the cookies.

    I just signed up for a similar merchant today that runs a program in Performics, so perhaps that will give me some answers if my EPCs shoot back up with them.?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    A test purchase is the only way I know of to make sure a merchant is tracking.

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    Yeah that's pretty much the only way to know for sure, you or somebody you know doing a test purchase. I'm going to be doing a lot of shopping next few weeks, want to make sure everything is working, especially with the holidays approaching. Had a similar problem with Shoebuy, a constant 1/25 converter for me fell off into 1/400 land. So that's one merchant that will get a test purchase soon.

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    I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and search for a cheap test purchase.

    Let's say you never get a commission for the test purchase, have you ever had any luck getting CJ (or a merchant) to address the issue....or do you just call it a lost cause and move on?


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    At that point, I usually send an e-mail to CJ and the AM; if neither thinks there was a problem, the program is dropped and replaced with a better one (usually outside of CJ).


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    Here's some pointers when doing a test purchase:

    *When you do a test purchase and if the merchant is not a "batch reporting" merchant, make sure you save a copy of the "thank you" page. There should be a tracking img pixel on it which Tracks the purchase.

    If the sale does not track and If there is a tracking img pixel on the thank you page (and it is setup correctly) then it is CJ's fault the sale did not track.
    Here is what 1 type of tracking pixel looks like:

    img src="" height="1" width="1"

    (I'm not sure if other domains are used)

    If there is No tracking pixel then the Merchant either "modified" it when "updating" their website, has removed it during specific times of the day and you happened to catch them, or something in that order.

    When contacting CJ and the Merchant attach the copy of the "thank you" page to your email and a copy of the receipt as well.

    If they are a batch merchant you will have to work directly with them and show them the copy of the receipt. BTW, I've never had a problem (or really can't remember) with Batch merchants not tracking.

    *Either use a friend's computer or use a proxy server when doing your test purchase.
    That way your IP is not used when your are buying the products. I have heard rumors that Affiliate's IP / cookie can be easily identified and tracking of sales works better for some reason. This may be a "Urban Myth" or "CJ myth" but it doesn't hurt. Logically, when you do this (use someone else's computer), you are on a "cleaner machine" without gobs of CJ cookies stuck in the memory.

    Hope this helps.

    edited to remove the brackets so the img url would show opps

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