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    What do you do (or want) when you login to cj
    When I login these are the sequences or steps that I take:

    1) Look at the very top page to see any changes in the balance.
    2) cj announcement.
    3) If there are changes +/-, than will look into the report details.
    4) Check for deactivated merchants.
    5) Check the detail impressions and clicks.
    6) Check mails.
    7) Create links if required.
    8) One in a while, study any new merchants better offer.

    How often do you login?

    Twice a week since I am still at the bottom rank, not that many sales per day as yet.

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    I just want to understand what I'm looking at and want it to work.

    A "quick view" that's actually quick and buttons to click that will show me my daily sales, how much I have coming this month and Click to Sales ratios would be sweet.

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    Well latley the steps seem to be:
    - log in and try to look at something
    - get booted out
    - log in again
    - get booted again
    - try loging in again
    - get told server cannot be found or connection refused

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    Lately it's been
    check the account balance at the top of page
    read the updates
    check mail
    try to get product links
    try to check stats and such

    I login more than a dozen times a day.....usually just to try and get product links
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