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    Paying for ppcs
    hello can someone tell me if there are any ppcs out there in the uk that accept postal orders because i dont have a credit card also seeing as i am just starting out which affiliate book wpuld be good to start with? yes i know its gonna take a lot of time to see any money but which one should i start with? ive good rosalind and that other guys book james martells is ken evoy action plan guide good to start with? i heard its free pls get back as soon as possible tyx

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    on 12/21/2003 you wrote:
    "hi all my names prince im a complete newbie to this affiliate game won`t you come and checkout my site at [url removed]
    also do you know where the best place to buy a website from his...

    Books get out of date FAST. Just read here.

    Send a check to a mate in the UK and he/she can open a PPC account with Overture/UK for you to use.

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    the problem with that is i dont know any friends that are affiliate marketers i need to get out more

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