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    MSN Keywords
    MSN Keywords is sounding nicer and nicer the more I hear about it. Check out these awesome features that can't be found via Google or Yahoo.

    Dayparting – Allows your ads to be displayed only during a specific time period of the day. Currently, no other system has this capability built into their platform. The only way to target by time on other systems is by manually starting and pausing campaigns. This new feature will allow an even greater automated control over the display of ads, which should reduce monitoring time on our end.

    Age/Gender – The best for last…I like to group these together because traditionally we target by age and gender, combined. The collection of profile data from all MSN and Microsoft products and services has created a wealth of age and gender data that is by far the main advantage of this new platform—and every Search Marketer's dream. For a long time we have been asked by advertisers whether there is a specific way to target key audiences based on these two demographic categories. And until now, there has not been a quick and easy way to execute this type of ad targeting through Search (short of painstakingly mining logs and performing qualitative analysis through Claritas, and then data-combining search behaviors and patterns exhibited by each target audience). But now, low and behold, through the vast power of Microsoft, if you want your ad for laundry detergent to be displayed to women between the ages of 25-34, voila! Greater control on ad delivery, less waste, higher click to conversion results all leading to a higher return on campaign investment.
    Source: Adbumb

    Expected launch in a month... keep in mind that MSN's contract with Yahoo will not expire until June 2006 but MSN is planning to use 25% of their ads and 75% of Yahoo until their contract expires.

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    I got a chance to see the beta of AdCenter recently, and it rocks. Those are my two favorite features as well. I'm actually surprised that neither YSM or AdWords has offered a feature like the dayparting.

    Looking forward to the beta launch

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    Can't wait

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    Totally...MSN keywords will give Adwords, and Yahoo Search Marketing a serious run for their money...I'm really looking forward to using it for a couple of the campaigns I'm running - the age/gender function will definitely change the affiliate marketing landscape forever.

    For AM's it'll likely be more challenging to police 'branded' keywords though due to the dayparting function. It's challenging enough as it is...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenstar
    I'm actually surprised that neither YSM or AdWords has offered a feature like the dayparting.
    They will, it's just a matter of time. Years ago I sold advertising on television and radio for awhile. You always want to sell ROS (Run of Schedule) instead of day parting because you have more time available to sell. I'm sure this thinking is involved in the G & Y present models.
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    Amazing Features..

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    I think dayparting is a waste of time and that there are a ton of mistakes made in analyzing the data where people then draw erroneous conclusions, but this report says otherwise (and I have been wrong before)...

    "Lunch time and prime time are the best hours for conversions"

    full story:

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