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    Too many Sites?
    I know that Google does not want people making websites specifically for adsense.. its main purpose is to be secondary and added to websites that would have already been made. Keeping this in mind.. has anyone reached the point where they were banned/warned because they had too many websites? Often times people say $1/day * 100 sites = $100/day. Scale this out and you can be putting up 200,300,400.. the sky is the limit.. or is it?

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    I don't know anyone who has been banned but Google has upped the amount of channels that you can have. It appears to me that Google assumes that many will build ton of sites.

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    the # of channels increasing probably has more to do w/ people having a channel for each ad type on each separate section of their site... Instead of offering the data themselves, they're allowing adsense members to do more work themselves for data that should already be provided. So, you can't simply log on to see if the large block is outperforming the leaderboard - you have to create two channels, and two more if you want to compare the front page to another page, and so on...

    But to answer the original poster's question, I doubt Adsense cares about the # of sites you own and promote Adsense on as long as you follow their TOS.
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    There are no limits on the # of websites you can have on your account.

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    Definitely there isn't a limit of the websites number you can have on your account. I have already asked google support.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenstar
    There are no limits on the # of websites you can have on your account.
    no limits on site but you are limited to 200 channels...

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    all i know is that once you get banned you can't go back...
    it happened to me... so i signed up through another ISP and email.. (thinking it would make a difference..) but when it came time for me to get paid... they canceled my account... saying it was in someway connected to another account from before...
    man oh man..
    it was a pain when i had 100+ sites with all that code on it...
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    Why did you do to get banned?

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    [B]I think google only has working agreements with certain web hosting programs, I was banned from 2.No sweat, I only have 4 sites, more then enough to get the sales. and traffic when one checks the news, and financial reports.
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    I got canned once. They claimed I was doing fraudulent clicks. I never clicked on my own ads...I sent my same info later to get another account and it paid...Still that 3% clickthru rate is a bummer.

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