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    March 23rd, 2005
    Anyone use them? Their site says they're on LS, but I tried several variations of their name and couldn't find them. Could someone give me some direction?

    Thank you!

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    I think they may be a "private" LinkShare program now. I used them for a while. Their payouts were pathetic ($0.05 or less per signup?), but I liked the site. Because of the low payout, I never promoted them much, and they removed me for not sending enough traffic.

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    January 18th, 2005
    I agree, huge waste of time. You don't want them on your site unless you want to run them as a charity case.

    The minimum payout at one time was $75 and I was about $10 short and they would not pay me when I requested a payout. They said I needed to send enough leads (at 5 cents each) to make the minimum.

    That would have taken a year because every lead was screened. Each offer was for a certain target group and if the person you sent did not meet that criteria, no lead. This program borders on insanity. LOL! Of course this is ONLY my opinion. I am sure there are others who think it is wonderful ( somewhere)

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