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    Take off eh?
    Dedicated Servers - Non Windows Newb
    Ok, looking at getting a new server.
    Got a great deal I will more than likely take advantage of so I'm not looking for a company.

    Everything I have done to this point has been windows w/IIS (Server wise, I have some reseller space that's not win.)

    I'm thinking about leaving windows with this one - but am curious and for those here with dedicated servers, I have three questions:

    What was the learning curve like when you set up your first non Win dedicated?

    Which OS did you go with and why?

    Which control panel are you using and why?

    I'm asking here instead of WHT or other hosting forums because, well besides the fact I'm here more, you guys understand more of the affiliate marketers needs and what I might run into.

    Thanks for any insight you can offer!
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    Hi Popdawg,

    Here is what I know, hope it helps...
    I just recently went dedicated, and after a great deal of due diligence ended up with ev1. I also have another small server elsewhere, only for backup and redundancy.
    I am paying 100/mo for redhat/enterprise linux with plesk. I'm just digging into it now and so far it seems to be ok, although I am struggling with parts of the intial setup. I got different opinions about panels, what I heard was cpanel/plesk are similar and ensigm is a notch below.
    I found a company (acunett) to take care of security and major os management, at 65/mo so all I have to learn is how to manipulate the web serving end.
    I think there would be a big need for someone to charge a reasonable fee to kind of introduce you to your "this does this and works this way" and "this is for doing that and you can change that by doing this" kind of thing.
    I used to own an ISP but hired all the engineering and didn't do much hands on server work. In retrospect it may have been a good idea to get into it more.
    If I can help any further, pm me, I'll give you my #, we can compare notes.
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