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    Multiple Affiliate Programs on a Single Site
    Is it possible to use more than one affiliate program on the same website with a common checkout?

    For example, if I create a website that is tightly focused on a single niche, it is possible that I might want to integrate products from more than one retailer and, perhaps, from more than one Affiliate Program administrator (e.g. Commission Junction and Shareasale).

    Is there a program that allows that to appear seamless to the consumer and allows them to process a single checkout with funds then redistributed to the appropriate retailer?


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    I'm not an expert but I would say a big No. But with money you can do anything.. alot of money of course

    I think you could do that by being a partner of all these merchants, not an affiliate using affilate networks.
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    Sounds dangerous to me. Perhaps you just find a drop ship company with a broad inventory.
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    I think it's definitely possible, but incredibly difficult to implement.

    For starters you'll need to have a very good knowledge of .php

    I'm trying to learn .php etc at the moment and it's making my brain hurt.
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    16,232 does exactly what you describe, with hundreds (thousands?) of merchants. Basically, they have their own shopping cart and product database. They take the orders, deduct their percent, and pass on the order and the rest of the money to the merchant.

    There are several downsides to doing this:

    1. Since shipping charges will apply from each merchant, shipping can get quite outrageous. For instance, if you buy 5 small items from 5 different merchants in one order on, you pay 5 shipping charges, which might be even higher than the cost of the products.

    2. You have to keep products up to date. If you accept an order, but the merchant no longer sells the product (or their price has changed), you have a problem.

    3. You really don't need to use an affiliate program, as you're doing everything on your end.

    4. You have to worry about customer service, chargebacks, and fraudulent orders. Welcome to the world of being a merchant.

    5. You have to make sure that merchants are properly receiving and fulfilling the orders you're sending to them.

    6. You have to have enough traffic that it'll be worthwhile for the merchants. If you work with 1000 merchants and you get 50,000 visitors a day and have a 2% conversion ratio, that's only an average of one order a day per merchant. Merchants aren't going to get excited about that volume of business, for the amount of work that something like this would take.

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    A BIG THANK YOU for all of the feedback and especially to Michael for clearly stating the problems of such a wayward thought.

    I think I will content myself with separate pages/sites with datafeeds and links.


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