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    new to adsence, few ??? plzzz
    Hi there, I just have a few questions about adasence:

    1.) Do we get paid for having the site search of our own site on there. Will they still pay per click or impression if it only searchs our own site?

    2.) About, roughly, how much do the pay per click or per 1000 impressions? Just give me some type of idea, anything lol

    3.) Does having more adds on one page pay you more? Say if I put 3 as opposed to 1?

    4.) Does the size of the add matter as far as how much they pay? ex if I use a small 125x125 add instead of a larger 4 link add, will they pay less due to the size of the link?

    And I hope that's it lol. Thanks all Debbie

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    1) They have sponsored listings at the top of the search page, above the listed results from a search of your site. You do get paid for clicks on the sponsored listings.

    2) Depends on how much the advertiser bids. You could make 3 cents per click, you could make 3 dollars per click.

    3) First listing displayed pays the most. Last listing displayed pays the least.

    4) Yes and No. First listing pays the most. The 4th link displayed pays less per click than the first link, which presumably is the one that would be displayed if you used the one-link ad.

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    Pretty much everything you asked can be answered w/ "it depends"... earnings depend on how much advertisers spend. The more ads on your page(s) can reduce your epc depending on which ads the visitors click on. The size of the ad and the number of clicks it can produce depend on your site's design and their use in relation to the rest of the page... A lot also depends on your visitors & whether they like ads that blend in, or prefer ads that stick out... Every site is different, so you have to try what works for you.
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