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    clicks/impressions not making sence....
    Hi all, for one of merchants whom I just started using, my clicks for a few days are aprx 400 and my impressions are 12 lol. my c rate is like 2,000.00% lolll. Anyone have any clue why this would be doing this?

    I'm doing what I have always done when linking products, i get the code, then copy the link addy. I don't like using the exact link style they give us and products are way to big the way they show them. I have never had this problem with the con rate before and have been linking text and images like this for 4 years now. Any insight would be of help. I just don't want to be messing with any oders or tracking but this rate is making me nervous. Thanks all hagd!!

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    They had problems these last few days reporting clicks and impressions. I don't think the pb is coming from your links. It seems my reports are more accurate today.

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    I'm not sure which days you're referring to but we have had some delays in reporting both clicks and impressions as follows:
    9/14 data - should be caught up as of last night
    9/12-13 data should be caught up this evening

    If you're having issues with different days or don't see things resolved by Monday, please send an email to abw (at) linkshare (dot) com with your LinkShare username and email, and we'll look into it for you.


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