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    Thumbs down What the @!#$ Same as Last Month
    This is the exact same message as last month the only thing that is diffrent is the date and time stamp... I guess this is one of those reoccuring events you here so much about.....

    Now one begins to wonder... This time every month my sales slow... so is last part of this notice accurate?

    CJ Account Manager Update [September 16, 2005 11:30 AM PDT/18:30 GMT 16 September]

    We are aware that CJ Account Manager™ is experiencing several issues. Below is a summary of what these key issues are:

    -Inconsistent display of reporting results across various reports

    -Inability to download certain transaction and performance reports

    -Intermittent inability to log into or stay logged on in CJ Account Manager

    -Navigation delays within CJ Account Manager

    -Member messaging is experiencing intermittent instability

    The resolution of these five issues is receiving our highest level of priority. We are making headway in identifying and implementing fixes to the causes of these issues. You will experience a significant improvement in all areas in the next several weeks.

    We can assure you that all tracking of data and transactions remains fully functional. Further, our tracking databases are independent of and not impacted by the systems that are experiencing the issues listed above.

    We understand this is an inconvenience and thank you for your patience

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    If you ask me, they could just leave that message up full time these days! That seems to pretty much cover everything that's going on, except for why the balance jumps by hundreds of dollars, then back down again. They don't seem to want to address that one.


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    You know how sometimes a toilet keeps hissing and you have to jiggle the handle to make it stop? When CJ jiggles the handle it just flushes again.

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    What a hunk of crap CJ hass become.

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    they are really horrible

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    Quote Originally Posted by UncleScooter
    What a hunk of crap CJ hass become.
    i agree.. it's getting crazy..!

    has anyone had any better luck with the other programs out there..??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Androo
    i agree.. it's getting crazy..!

    has anyone had any better luck with the other programs out there..??
    other programs, other networks . . . some indies are a good deal, some networks rock for some of us also. just two networks are being difficult for us right now.

    so don't put all your eggs in one basket? --has always been good advice.

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