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    Here is an interesting read!

    So is there any value at all in the DMOZ directory? As a useful catalog of the Web, and when compared with the major search engines, the answer is no, although a few people do find it to be a useful research resource. For website owners, the links to their websites that a listing in DMOZ creates are useful for search engine ranking purposes, but even those are becoming less useful as search engines improve, and seek to block out unwanted duplicate content from their indexes.

    It was a fine concept, and it looked promising for a while, but the idea of DMOZ becoming the definitive catalog of the Web is gone. Improvements in the search engines eclipsed its value, and the growth rate of the Web meant that it could never achieve its goal. It began with an excellent concept, and they gave it a good shot, but it didn't work. The continuing growth rate of the Web ensures that it can never work. It continues as a good directory of a large number of web sites, but that is all. And not many people use directories when the search engines produce such good results, and so quickly.
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    Not dead, not even terminal IMO - but the patient's got one hell of a body odor.
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    I agree that DMOZ really offers no real value to surfers. It's outdated and new information takes months, if not years, to make it into the index. Seems it's more for SEO than anything. It's so difficult to get into it that we feel a sense of accomplishment when we can get one of our sites accepted. They really just provide guidelines for how websites should be, but with the removal of the editor forum, we have no way of knowing why our sites weren't accepted. So now that value is even gone. I think we're getting to the point where we don't have to worry about DMOZ anymore and it'll fade into the internet history that it provides.

    - Scott
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    With the Web evolving so quickly, any entity like DMOZ that doesn't have the ability to evolve and adapt as fast is yesterday's news. DMOZ is outdated the second a new site is added, as it's likely been on hold for a few weeks. I think they've gotten too big for their britches, and it's coming back at them.


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