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    Diffrence in results
    I'm just beginning the use of AE. Excuse if this was answer before.I'm testing this code

    as part of the <SCRIPT> parameters and for results on event planning books. The results are mixed mainly with urban planning and similar stuff; not the books I want. When I made the search in website, most of the results are within the scope I'm interested. Why such a difference? What I'm missing in the code?

    Thanks in advanced for your help.

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    1.'s website and's AWS do not necessarily return the same results. Apparently, doesn't use the exact same algorithm on their website and on their AWS service! AE uses AWS. Using the sort= parameter can sometimes make them more similar.

    2. Try adding more keywords to narrow the search to remove unwanted results.

    3. If has a browse page for the topic you're looking for then use it, e.g.: --- I searched and can't find a specific browse node for "event planning". The closest was browse node 660628 "Books > Subjects > Business & Investing > Business Life > Communication > Meetings & Presentations". To find relevent browse nodes, see FAQ "How do I determine the browse number to use in type=browse&mode=NUMBER ?"

    4. Try a powersearch of the subject in a particular browse node. For example "event planning" in browse node 660628 ("Meetings & Presentations").

    (add script parameter if using this in a <script>;

    If you're using the latest AE beta, you can add the parameter title=Event+Planning so that "Event Planning" appears as the title rather than the AE generated title "Browse: 660628 Subject: Event Planning".

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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    Thanks for the answer. The use of powersearch yield much better results. I'll continue reading the documentation to get a better grasp on AE.

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