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    Are things still being fixed?
    Or is this as functional as we are going to get? Its September 18th now, I can't load detailed reports for the month without apparently overloading CJ and getting a Cannot Find Server, when I run review new transactions and get to the page where it shows me the summary of sales for each day for the past 18 days the individual links for each day still take me to the entire report for the month instead of the day I'm asking for, I get errors when I try to sort my reports. Is this how CJ is going to work now, are the repairs over despite the fact that things still don't work?

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    if I remember right, we entered phase one of a two-phase change about a month ago. should be all fixed Real Soon Now . . .

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    It ain't over, they still need to hire a bug fixer. The message at CJ says several more weeks, that message stays and they just update the date. So who knows. Either they know all the problems and if so it shouldn't take over 5 weeks to fix. Or they don't know all the problems and it shouldn't take over 5 weeks to find them all.

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    They just need to get their hands on the right TOOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chocolate_Chicken
    They just need to get their hands on the right TOOL

    LOL...! good one!
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    The Sewermatic 100 and Clog Buster should do the trick

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    I'm pretty sure that they are still working on it and will be for a while. Having written an affiliate tracking system for ONE Company I can imagine how comibning several custom systems used by ValueClick into one would be hard...

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