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    Since the "stir" over parasites, etc. appears to have died down, and 90% or so of both CJs and LSs merchants are affiliated with eβates and the like, I have stopped even checking a merchants affiliation with them.

    ABW has been very helpful to me, but now it appears that the posts mainly focus on pointless arquments.

    Okay. Finished. Put my soap box away.

    I have a specific question that I can not find any mention of on ABW. Has anyone else here had problems with All I have been able to find out from searching other forums is that they apparently hijack custom 404 pages and redirect to a page of google ads, can not be identified, can not be blocked and state that they do not put anything on your computer.

    I am not very "technical" so any help/information/suggestions will be appreciated.

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    Without even looking they're a site scrapping, traffic hijacking, a PPCSE traffic player seaking to bleed all of us dry. WHY? Because they have "search" in their URL and therefore tricks for clicks and greed in their hearts. Good hint for AM's is to download Spyware Blaster and update it. Then check the restricted site lists and ban anyone found there from their programs. Notice all the domains doing drive-bys, search toolbar installs having search -seek or something similar in their URLs.
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    I use SpywareBlaster, SpyBot & AdAware.

    How do I ban them? I've tried blocking them in the hosts file, but I must be doing it wrong.

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