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    July Performance Incentive not Paid
    I've been going back and forth with CJ for a couple weeks now about a performance incentive that hasn't been paid. I just wanted to post this here on ABW to remind you to double check your payments.

    Basically CJ didn't pay me for my July performance incentive which I earned in May. The incentive was reported in July, but it was never added to my balance. My August performance incentive came through and was added properly. CJ made a special payment on September 2nd which included my August performance incentive. I contacted them asking about my July incentive and they told me it was included in my September 2nd payment which is wasn't. I'm still waiting for this payment and CJ doesn't seem to have any idea that this problem exists.

    You might want to check your payments to ensure you were paid for your July performance incentives. Maybe if more affiliates bring this to their attention, they can fix this problem for everybody who may not have noticed it.

    - Scott
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    Angry more problems
    I have the same problem but also Imore than75% of my august locked commissions not deducted .

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