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    Should I purchase Traffic Equalizer ?
    I just stumbled upon this product[Traffic Equalizer]. Do you think it would be a good investment ? Or is it past it's prime days.

    I understand there is a good chance it might get your site banned with google but not so much with the other search engines.

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    I always suggest that people put their time and effort towards making better sites, which will produce long term results, rather than following today's fads and trends for short term gains.

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    I wouldn't recommend it. I know someone who used this on one site, and Web Position Gold on another. He thought he was smart enough to fly under Google's radar. Google cut both of them. Permanently. In order to even have a chance at getting listed again, he's had to move them to new servers, put the new domain info in his sister's name, and recode every single page so that they don't resemble the old sites in any way.

    He has thousands of pages in each site, and they've been gone now for over a year. He's still working on them.

    He will also tell you it's not worth it.


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