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    How many SAS affiliates in other networks?
    I am just about to launch a new affiliate program, and wanted to find out the following:

    1) How many of you affiliates are in SAS and other networks? Wondering what the true overlap is.

    2) What kind of response should I expect for a life insurance (CPL) program in Shareasale/other networks? Is this something affiliates are into? Would be short form, minimal info, 1pg.

    Thank you

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    #1: I would guess most affiliates are part of multiple networks. If an affiliate is a member of ShareASale it's almost a certainty that they would also be with LinkShare and CJ as ShareASale is not one of the most well known networks (though that is improving).

    #2: Sounds like a good program, however like pretty much everything on the Internet there is so much competition so your success will come from what you put into it. Promote the program on ABW, actively recruit affiliates, offer first month bonuses, etc.

    Good luck.
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    DocT Aff Mgr:

    Please post an update to the "New Programs at Shareasale" forum when the prog. launches.

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