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    Dumping pending applications?
    How do you dump merchants you've requested to join? You used to be able to expire the relationship, before being accepted, but now you can't. I have one I've been waiting on for a month, and I figure if they can't give me a yes or no in that amount of time, I'm no longer interested in being in their program! It's obviously run poorly. I've already signed up with their competition.

    How do I terminate the relationship? There isn't any way to dump them that I can see, and I know you used to be able to.

    CJ, you shouldn't allow this to continue for so long. 10 business days tops, and then the merchant should get a flashing pop up when they log in, or a reminder E-mail sent daily that there are approvals waiting. And affiliates should be able to expire them at any time.


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    This has come up a lot, and as far as I know, you just let them sit there. I finally got "declined" by one almost a year after applying. even if they had approved I did not go find someone else in that time to make money for!

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    After having two sit there for over one year, I contacted CJ via AAQ and they deleted them for me.
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