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    Question 4 for Account Managers - What exactly #PUblisher Hosts is?
    If you login on CJ interface and go manage banners and click on link detail, you can see a figure called # of Publisher Hosts.
    I understand that would be the number of affiliates hosting that specific banner. But if that's correct, how come the number of hosts from 1 day is so different from the previous days?
    I don't think tht many sites would be down in a day.
    When I change to a month of statistics, I have double the ammount of hosts. Again, I don't think affiliates switch everyday their banners.

    Pls let me know what you think.


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    Hi there,

    I suspect that a lot of affiliates test out different banners to see which performs the best. EPC is not always the best guide to which banner will perform the best on your site.

    Many affiliates will test out a merchant and give them so many impressions before either dropping them, or promoting them more heavily depending on the performance they see.

    Hope this helps...
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