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    Question Zonox - any experience as an advertiser?
    Has anybody dealt with Zanox ( as an advertiser?

    They have a very large network of affiliates, am looking for feedback on how good the network is from an advertiser's perspective.


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    the zanox experience
    I'm pretty new to this site, pretty new to the industry too (which explains why I'm responding to a post more than 6 weeks old). I have some experience with zanox ... I've heard more good things than bad things too. From the merchants perspective they have some pretty good things. You have to be careful about the number of affiliates most networks tout. Lets just say some network boasts 200,000 affiliates, you KNOW that more than half those affiliates are doing little to nothing. Maybe only 10% of the affiliates are really interesting.

    zanox offers this rather interesting service called AdRank Bidding. AdRank is the value zanox places on 'things'. The better the program or affiliate or merchant or whatever, the higher the AdRank. Its pretty much the same difference as the Google rank or the eBay feedback.

    Anyway, with AdRank bidding a premium merchant can get in direct contact with those premium affiliates … the real movers and shakers of a network and negotiate special deals amongst each other. I think this feature is rather unique among networks and definitely adds lots of value to merchants.

    Hope this info helps. If you had something more specific in mind, give me a holler and we’ll see if I can be of some help.

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