Hey CJ!

I've got a few cosmetic changes needed at your site that would make my life easier:

1. Can you please get reports to fit on one screen. I use a laptop most of the time as Iím pretty mobile. I canít change the resolution on it to fix the problem. Right now if I look at Review New Transactions, then click on one of the days totals, the report that comes up has three columns, about five inches of report, off the right of the screen. The problem is mainly with the column title. For example, these three hog about five inches of screen space:
Sale Amount (USD) Commission (USD) Corrected (USD)

You could easily do a fix like this and save lots of screen space:

2. I don't do a lot of AAQ emails, but I do have two pages worth going back over a year. Problem is, when I log into AAQ to see if you all have responded it takes me to the oldest suppurt question and the current one is always at the bottom of page two.

3. And I have suggested this one directly to CJ and twice to Todd, under My Account, Web Site Settings, in the Select Web Site pop down menu, can you PLEASE alphabatise those? I have over 100 domains there and they are in no order and worse yet, for a while all new ones were added to the top, then new ones started adding to the bottom. There is no rhyme or reason their order.

Thanks in advance!