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    Suggestions for Starting a Portal Site
    I'm looking to start a portal site for an industry, but I was wondering if anyone had done this before and had any general suggestions - things you learned or wish you had known before you started.

    Right now I'm thinking the main sections will be jobs, news, a shopping section, of course, and a discussion section (once it gets going a little). Although I love going to discussions boards myself, this is the area that I dread the most - moderating it. I was wondering if people who run discussion boards could put in their two cents especially. If the site eventually takes off and the discussion section gets large, how do you go about getting moderators to help with the work? Are these people usually paid, or just good-hearted souls?

    One more request for suggestions - what about software? I was thinking of using some type of portal software like Drupal, but for various reasons that are particular to what I want to do, I might go with Wordpress as my homepage and then glue other applications onto it. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for any input.

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    I was about to mention Drupal... but I see you thought of it already...
    Then you mentioned Wordpress...

    So here is a suggestion. Wordpress + Drupal ...

    Post to Drupal + Manage the frontend on Wordpress

    Hmm not a bad idea

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