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    No Tracking And Unable To Log In
    If I'm not mistaken, we are in week 6 of this corrupt failure of an "upgrade". Apparently, CJ techies won't be satisfied until the site is totally nonfuctional. At that point, the "upgrade" will be complete. As of now I'm unable to log in and have seen no evidence of tracking in the last 10 or so hours. CJ with the new upgrade is like Bush with the Iraq war...continuing to fight a war that has already been lost. It's time for both to admit they are wrong....bring home the troops and implement a "downgrade" that actually works.

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    I can't log in either!!
    and another upgrade is slated for the 24th? What a joke!! These guy are ..well......... I better not say!! Buy CJ you stink!!

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    Same here, can't log in.

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    Shouldn't they fix this first and let things stabilize, let us earn our commissions for the Christmas shopping period, then do whatever upgrades they want in the less critical month of February?

    Now until January is so critical where sales are concerned.

    What are these upgrades about by the way?

    How would they benefit us?

    Why must these be done just before Q4, the busiest shopping season of all? Can't they wait until after peak season is over?

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