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    cant use PM feature
    hi when i try to PM any ABW memeber i get the message tha i dont have enough number of post...whats the number that i should have in order to use this feature...

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    There are certain features of the board which can not be utilized (private messages, sigs, and viewing profiles are a few) until a certain post level is reached. Haiko has enabled this feature on the new boards as a board abuse protection measure. This gives new members the opportunity to learn how our community operates and what is allowed here at ABW.

    Please DO NOT post what you think is the specific number of posts required to gain access to certain board features. All this accomplishes is a potential rash of meaningless posts to gain access to the features and negates the intent of the restriction. Please feel free to inform new members that they will gain access when a certain post level is reached, just not the actual number. That number is being changed periodically by Haiko anyway.

    Please help Haiko and Mods to keep the abuse off the boards by not posting such information.

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