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    September 24th, 2005
    Help me please
    Hello all

    I still confuse about tax information on

    Is there anyone here who reside outside US and join with

    Please help me to explain about tax form.

    I am from Indonesia, so I choose "W8BEN Form" for my tax form, that's right?

    I want to ask with your experience.

    This is my problem:

    on "W8BEN Form"

    Section 1

    *Taxpayer Identification Number ------ leave blank
    *Taxpayer Number Type --------- select nothing (Now, The field shown "Please select", I don't have Employer ID Number [EIN] )
    *Reference Number ----------- leave blank

    Section 2 (Claim of Tax Treaty Benefits [if applicable] )

    *I don't clik and enter anything

    Section 3 (Notional Principal Contracts)

    *I don't clik and enter anything

    Please help me to correct if there is anything incorrect.
    It would be appreciate

    Thank you very much

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    January 18th, 2005
    Mesa, Arizona
    Abud YES that is the correct form (W8-BEN). You must complete the form as soon as possible, otherwise you will not get paid by Linkshare.

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    September 24th, 2005
    Ok thanks for your reply

    Can you help me to tell, which section that I have to complete?

    how about Taxpayer Number Type ?

    Can I select nothing?

    And section2 and section3, can I leave it blank?

    Thanks a lot.

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