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    Best program for a small merchant?
    I am in talks with a small merchant who is currently selling products via ebay. I'd like to promote these products on my site and be compensated for every sale I drive to their site. This merchant is really only interested in working with my site. Because it's a small company, we'd rather not work with an affiliate program. Obviously we need a way to set up some sort of shopping cart system. How could we set something uncomplicated up?

    Can anyone offer suggestions? Thanks!

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    If they don't have a shopping cart solution already and Iif they are somewhat technically savy they can set up as their ecommerce/shopping cart solution (free opensource project). It has an affiliate option that comes with it but I've never tried that part.
    I dont know if OScommerce has affiliate enablement, its also free opensource.

    If they are technically challenged then they could always hire someone to install or write them for them.

    I'm sure others will chime in here with more options for you.

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    Another option (especially if they're technically challenged) is to set up a Yahoo Store. They could do a Yahoo Tracked Link to track your sales. That also gives them quite a bit more exposure, plus the flexibility to go with or Yahoo pretty easily in the future if they change their mind about only working with you.

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    Thumbs up I agree- starting out, use Yahoo Stores
    It's a good way to get started...Relatively inexpensive...

    Not ony does it handle the cart, but if you contact SAS, they can start an affiliate program of their own as a merchant.

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