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    Having trouble with merchandizer downloads?
    Anyone else having trouble with the merchandizer downloads?

    For about a week now my tried and true download scripts have been failing. They download about 20 files and then get disconnected. I have tried several kinds of rewrites and they all fail. I even tried pasting the whole list of files into a VERY simple ftp script and it gets disconnected in the middle.

    The only way I can download all the files is if I paste about 10 filenames into a simple script and run it - then repeat the process in batches of 10 till I am finished. What a pain.

    Anyway, anyone else having issues?

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    Mine have been working fine, but the way I wrote them they're pretty tolerant of problems. My process runs every 30 minutes, checks the dates at the LinkShare FTP site, and downloads anything with a different date than my local copy. Anything smaller than a certain size (500 bytes?) is discarded. If anything goes wrong with some of the files, it tries again at the next run (half an hour later).

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