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    This is not porn, but a seemingly legit, adult oriented, sex related furniture, affiliate program I saw advertised in Popular Mechanics.




    (you'll have to reunite adding the dots too)

    I am amazed at how prevalent affiliate marketing is becoming.

    Somebody should create a website service that analyzes your website's pages and searches for, and recommends, related affiliate programs for your content and expected audience. Seems like cross-referencing your pages' key tags and content - against a database of affiliate programs product descriptions and such - would be a good deal for both parties. But how would the creator of such a dating service (aff site + merchant offers) for aff programs get compensated?

    Database stuff like this I've proposed, is one type of datamining (non-personal, all parties willingly and opening submitting themselves) that I would approve of.
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    Nothing like quality furniture.

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    Love it!

    G-spot Geometry!

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    were you there for the photoshoot of those ads?

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