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    EPC from new merchants?
    How long does it take for a just a SEVEN day EPC to show up for a new merchant at CJ? I just want to have an idea of a merchant who has joined CJ two months ago. I want to get an idea if its worth my time on replacing the current underperforming merchant I am promoting with the new merchants same products. It still says "New" where the SEVEN day EPC should be.. Its been 60 days, and no EPC at all..

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    The EPC graph is just ONE tool of dozens and dozens

    And to be honest, it may or may not apply to your site

    If one of your merchants is "underperforming" for you, swap out some links and find out for yourself.

    You never know...

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    I believe EPCs (both of them) remain as New for the first 3 months of any program.


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    Well, I have swapped some links out and have already made a couple of sales from them in just a couple of weeks. As long as they can beat an EPC of about $2.80 my old merchant is history. Back when CJ had REVERSAL rates they were over 50%. It would be interesting to see how much I was getting screwed over for the last three years. (this is a high price product with an average about 25-30 dollar commission per sale.) I was always VERY skeptical about the near 60% reversal rates, now the ACTUAL company is at CJ and am looking forward to competition.. Its hard to be loyal to a company who you have a pretty good hunch has been robbing you for years! Competition is GOOD!!!!! I'm going to start swapping out more links today till i'm getting about equal hits on both merchants. Lets the games begin!

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