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    Google "Advertise on this site" Links

    Saw this posted elsewhere. You can see it at the very top to the right of Ads by Gooooooogle. Click it and you can read about it. Think they're just testing it out now, but looks to be something good.

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    Nice! That's very smart letting advertisers choose what sites they'd like to run ads on. But what happens if the advertiser removes their AdSense ads and replaces them with Yahoo! Publisher ads. There isn't too much the advertiser can do to maintain those bids.

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    The only problem I see with it is logistics. It'll be hard for advertisers to hand-pick any substantial number of sites, at least if they're going to put any serious effort at checking them out...
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    It looks like the owner of the web site also has to sign-up to have that "Advertise on this site" link in the Google Ads... So they are agreeing to run the GoogleAds as well..

    They will probably have a database of sorts - to determine the best places to Advertise on at some point for NEW or OLD Adwords PPC Users...

    Here It Is ::

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