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    Hi. Exstream Media (my company) is offering CJ affils our streaming 3d sales tool "How to Buy a Gift for a Woman" for your site, at no charge. It features a friendly 3d sales avatar giving a guided tour of 10 CJ merchants.

    "How to Buy a Gift for a Woman" contains 10 segments, with about 20 minutes of animation in total , including segments on Flowers, Gift Baskets, Perfume, Bath and Body, Lingerie and other Valentine's Day appropriate stuff.

    We customize this presentation for each website by inserting your CJ tracking codes in the animations. Turn-around time for customizations is usually less than 48 hours. We ( I! ) provide this service at no charge.

    Why for free? Well, I believe it's a win/win for each of us: You get a sales tool / free content, and I get traffic - (full disclosure, here) the software leaves behind a desktop icon shortcut to my site, that many users will click on at least once before they delete it [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    Also: Easy to put up on your site. Only 1 line of html needed.

    Here's a demo, and sign-up info:
    How to Buy a Gift for a Woman Demo page

    -Maury [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

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    Wowsers.. that's very cool indeed!

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    Thanks, kindly, Dynamoo!

    Apparently, there's still room for improvement. (Isn't there always?)

    A little bird (or 2) emailed me, and gave me a some good advice (thank-you, little birds):

    1: Some of the advertisers I've picked for the "gift for a woman" package were not many people's "all time favorites", and that I should find better converting ones. I will. I'm open to suggestions for new candidates, BTW.

    2: Though the language was not profane, it was still too strong for many sites.

    3: Add a "tell-a-friend" feature to help generate residual traffic.

    So, with this in mind, we've released another Valentine's day appropriate marketing piece, that you're all welcome to, pro-bono. It's for an on-line dating service - - which has the 2nd highest epc in the matchmaking category. They offer a $20 comission for each $25 sale. I tried to take some cues about the importance of the copy from some of the threads on these boards; I worked hard to make the copy compelling.

    There's also a "tell-a-friend" feature. It will put your url in the recommend-it email.

    I've also added some artwork to the package:

    To see a demo, and get your free copy of this sales piece, go here:

    Also: I'm looking for people to collaborate with, to create new marketing packages for consumer credit (credit cards, home loans, debt consolidation etc) and contact lenses, or anything else that would have wide appeal. If you'd be interested in working with me, please drop me an email.


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    "Stuff like this isn't for her, it's for you you pig!"


    I thought it was funny that you can click on a lot of categories at once and the clones will sell in unison.

    Very cool idea, just iron out the edges and I'm sure you have a winner!

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    Thank-you, Breeze! (I think [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img] )
    As software tends to be, Tulip's always evolving, improving, and "ironing out the edges". Your feedback is good-as-gold to me.

    Did you get a chance to take a look at the new one? It's a bit more polished (I hope!)

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    Maury, that is tooo cool. You guys are definately on the right track. I liked both of them. I'm trying to figure out how I could blend it into my site. The problem is that probably 70% of my traffic is women. :eek: I lmao at the expressions when the tour reached the Henry and June site. Overall it worked good though.

    What talent you guys have.

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    Maury, I think it's great, although I have no idea how well it will perform.

    Load time worries me but I have an affiliate mindset, how about a "What to give Guys"

    What if you are not affiliated with some of the merchants you show on the clip, does the affiliate need to join them, or do you use the affiliates merchants?

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    >"Stuff like this isn't for her, it's for you you pig!"

    That reminds me of what I just said to my hacker friend who just bought me a nice shiny network card!


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    Sorry I haven't responded in a few days - just finished up a large project that consumed me. (I actually delivered part of it from a cruise ship off the coast of Haiti, via the boat's satellite i-net... clients didn't even know that I wasn't in L.A. Gotta love this internet thing)

    Patrick, first of all, thanks for your kind words. Your positive responses, and the others here as well, are what fuel our continued efforts. (Of course, your critique is very, very valuable, too)

    re: content for women: I was hoping that the copy for "take control of your love life" would have appeal to both women and men... I guess you disagree. I'll work on that for next time.

    MJ, you bring up some good points:
    re: Load time: it's true, rich media has greater bandwidth requirements. Hopefully, this sort of messaging will allow a greater "connection" with the user... somewhat more like TV. (Of course, that is VERY dependant upon the content. Tulip is just a new delivery medium. For a while, the novelty will be enough to reach a certain audience. But, as always, it's the message, and NOT the medium that will carry the day. That's a whole other subject, though)

    We're also finishing up a new client/server thingie, that's substantially lighter... not 3d though - to address this. The "Tulip Communicator" (or some other name that's web-ish - suggestions?) will allow webmasters to reach their userbase via a desktop icon that will flash when a message is waiting for the user. User clicks to accept the message. You'll be able to offer time sensitive messages, like a "blue light special", (I know, poor analogy, in light of kmart's situation) that has an expiration. Also: the ability to schedule these messages in advance, and IM them, as well. Hopefully, that will be ready for release in about a month (beta testers?). Another no-charge product, that all parties involved (user, affiliate and my company) will get benefit from, hopefully.

    re: Joining merchants - Currently, users must join the merchants in the program. (However, I'm open to suggestions as far as better merchants to use) Theoretically, it's possible to let users input the merchants they'd like to have in the presentation. As a matter of fact, we are finishing up a user customizable version of tulip... but I fear that if I open it up too far, I'll end up seeing stuff like porno sites being promoted with my baby. I'll probably release a "self serve" verison, where the user can easily insert tracking codes. Currently, I have to process each request individually, to run each users PID through the encryption/compression process, with the rest of the animation data. With the new version, a cgi call with the user's PID as a parameter will create the animation data. Maybe we can engineer a "safe" way to make it work with whatever merchant a user wants... probably not in the short term, though.

    re: What to give guys... Suggestions?

    Ice: Beware of hackers bearing gifts [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]


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