Now a days parasites topic are on a Hot, and you haven't even bothered to reply a single topic. you opened a new thread to get the ABW Mug, and ignored all the other threads.

Can you please tell us, what CJ have done, and what CJ is planning to do to eliminate the thieves?
Will CJ protect his innocent Affiliates? or do CJ allows Corruption in its programs.

Or CJ support such programs? If yes, then please add a tutorial on CJ site on "how to create a Parasite" and "How to do cookie stuffing" so that every one gets benefit of it.

Todd, if CJ is strugling to elimite parasite affiliates, then can you please tell us, if Cj have ever canceled any account of Parasite holders.

Do you have a team to detect corruption in network? like Google have for Adsense.

I hope you answer this time Todd. As Parasites is a very serious issue and CJ seems to ignoring it.