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    ? about performance incentives
    Hey guys I just started working with a merchant that offered performance incentives this month and I'm kind of wondering about something that just happened, yesterday I hit the required number of leads to get a % raise of price per lead and today I had an offer from that merchant to have my price raised to that %, but it looks like the leads I have had so far this month are going to have their % raised in an end of month bonus (which I thought was what happened). Is this how it works, my older leads for this month wont get included in the percentage hike?


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    Leave it as is until the first of the month and then take the new term (taking a new term now will start the counter all over and if you have any corrections you may drop below the threshold for PI this month, but in this case would have the same rate anyway...right).

    PIs are automatically added your account at months end and don't require a new term. The PI will only effect the transactions over and above the target in my understanding, but going forward it sounds like you will have the new rate across the board for all transactions.

    Seems like the AM is trying to do you right by having the new term ready for first of the month for ALL transactions ;-)


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