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    I am trying to add the audible script to my site. The script works great except the host I use for the site doesn't allow telnet/ssh access, so the script times out after only creating a small part of the html files.

    Is there a way around this?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Install active perl on your computer at home and run the script from your hard drive - you will then have to upload all the files generated to your web host
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    Find a host that allows ssh/telnet it is well worth it and they can be found for under 7 bucks a month.
    It took a while to upload all those ftp. With ssh it is like comparing dialup to broadband.
    When I was looking for a new host it was one of the many questions I emailed customer support.
    Do you allow telnet/ssh?
    Do you allow mod rewrite?

    And the list could go on as it is supprising how many limitations some hosts have.

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    If you can unzip .zip files on your server (or your hosting company will unzip for you), then create a .zip file of all the files created on your Windows PC. Upload that .zip file and unzip it online. Uploading one large .zip file takes less time than uploading many small .html files because of the FTP overhead per file.

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