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    Google and 302 Temp Redirect
    I am building a product page for a merchant, the page has regualr design. The prodcut name..some description and a link to the product on merchant website.
    I have about 20 such products on a page, and I am using perl to redirect them to merchant product page.
    Something like cgi-bin/

    Here is the question, when google spiders my page all the "" are showing as 302 Page (temp redirect). Is having (20-25) 302 redirect links on the page bad for the site?

    If it is of some concern, how should I handle links that takes you to merchant product page?

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    My understanding of the issue Google has been having with 302 temporary redirects was scraper sites were taking content from the original URL, then linking back to that URL using a 302, which Google followed.

    It also gave the PR from the original URL to the URL doing the 302!

    This caused many original URLs to drop or become supplemental results in the SERPs. This issue has caused Google a lot of grief apparently, as they still don't seem to have it under control, despite many months of knowing about it.

    It does appear that sites using this type of redirect might be getting filtered because of it, even though there are legitimate reasons for doing 302s.

    I'm not certain there's a good answer at this point. No one seems to agree 100% on what's going on, or what can be done to fix it. I've been fooling with this issue since last December, and it took hiring an attorney to write "cease and desist" letters to scraper sites that were linking to mine in this manner.

    I think most of the sites doing this didn't really understand what the issue was, but after getting it cleared up my one site has come back somewhat, but not to the previous traffic levels.

    I would proceed cautiously, and keep a close eye on your pages with 302s, as well as look for signs that the entire site might be taking a hit. Some seem to think the penalty is site wide, while others think it's limited to the pages only.

    If anyone has conclusive evidence, I'd sure like to hear it!


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    over whelming..but true I guess.

    But then its a simple task of linking to merchant website..all the affiliate people do this right?
    You link products from your website to merchant website, I want to do this with out a static link to the product page.

    Is there a good way to do this with out raising red flag with google? with out all the 302-redirect clutter?

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    Use 301's instead.

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    you can stop google from following your script (i.e. ban it in your robots.txt)

    or have a look at
    for the rel="nofollow" on links. That way the bot wont mess with your click-throughs,
    and won't penalize you for any spam etc.

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    Blocking the perl script in the robots.txt file is probably the best solution. It looks like Googlebot is still following links with the rel="nofollow" attribute, but it isn't passing PageRank or giving any relevance to the site being linked to.

    It shouldn't hurt to use both methods.
    There's good, fast and cheap. Pick any two.
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    Thanks all,
    I made changes to the robots.txt file, hope google will not touch my .pl files.
    Next run I will plan on fixing my links with rel="nofollow"

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    I have redirects through MySQL to shorten links etc. In my log I'm noticing that they produce 302 thus:
    HTML Code:
    /go.php?id=11 HTTP/1.0" 302 0
    Is there a way to make this send a 301. I have blocked in the robots.txt.

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