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    May 23rd, 2005
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    100's of eBays sale and THE CASH COW IS HERE
    Thanks eBay it seems to be fixed my sales commissions have more than quadripled !!!


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    January 18th, 2005
    While I'm not seeing the level of increase you are, the revenue from Ebay is up over last month to date, and that's including the decrease on registrations from $20 to $12.

    I'm cautiously optimistic...

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    January 18th, 2005
    So far, so good. I'm seeing a lot more money from these transactions than from the dimes.

    One thing concerns me though. I'm seeing commissions for bids that were not originally reported. The items are for things that people would have gone through my site for -- hockey cards -- but I'm a little confused as to why the original bid transaction isn't in my report.

    Also, keep in mind that auctions are for seven days, so those totals should increase in the next few days. Perhaps not much, but if someone put in a bid on Oct 1 the auction might not end until Oct 7.

    I also am seeing multiple bids placed by the same bidder -- in other words, someone bid, they then were outbid, and rebid without coming back through my site.


    I can provide evidence of an auction where someone bid multiple times -- several bids are tracked to my site -- and that same bidder won the auction, but I was not credited with the sale. Maybe it just hasn't posted yet, but something seems fishy.

    Here's a link to an auction:

    EBay userID 24090050 is clearly user jholmes21965p. I have transactions that match up with:

    10/01/2005 21:59
    10/02/2005 14:20
    10/02/2005 20:03 (winning bid)

    I haven't yet been credited with this sale, although I am credited with a lot of other sales that came in via this user.

    I'm not fully convinced that the system is working properly due to these anamolies.
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    Correction: it seems as though while I got credited with an "autobid" (where a user's bid is increased up to his maximum when someone else bids), I was not credited with subsequent bids (like the kind placed in a bidding war). The times are too close to be able to tell the difference (CJ doesn't report seconds, eBay does).

    So in the abovementioned auction, I was not credited with the win because the user was outbid, then placed a last-minute bid to win the item (but didn't come through my site to bid).

    That's a little cruddy. I clearly referred the winning bidder to that item, yet I get none of that pie.

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    5. Action: Winning Bid
    ActionCriteria A registered user places a Winning Bid
    Action Referral Period 7 day(s)
    Action Referral Occurrences Unlimited
    Commission 40.00%
    Can anyone explain why the Winning Bid criteria is unlimited, yet everything else is 1 time?

    And in Ralph's example above, shouldn't he have been credited for the winning bid?


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    Maybe that's what is going on.

    If we refer someone to eBay and they buy 10 things in the next 7 days, we get 10 commissions?

    That seems a little silly though. I think I'd rather have the winner of the auction, regardless of if he bids through my site.

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    I downloaded transaction report. Now column "P" has 5 numbers. Can anyone explain to me what are those numbers?

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