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    what to charge for a banner?
    I am in a very unusual spot. I am knew to affiliate marketing and I am working on my first site which is coming along well but has only been up for a bit over a week.
    The strange thing is I have very little traffic, as I said its new, but I have allready had someone come and ask me how much to put a banner up on my page.
    I didn't want to start showing my site yet as it isnt 100% but here is a link to to it They are asking to put a banner similar to the three down the left hand side.
    Now I really haven't looked into the topic of charging for advertising yet as I was thinking this would come up a lot further down the track.
    Now I would like to do something for this person and use the $$ to buy some advertising of my own (my initial plan is put all income from the site into advertising) but how much should I charge for a 125x125 banner?
    I don't want to charge too much and not get him to take it. But I also don't want to charge too little and find when my page becomes a huge hit (got to keep positive ) that I am giving up a prime spot for peanuts.
    Can I do something like offer a 6 month option and then maybe hike up the price?
    Any and all information would be appreciated.

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    We discussed this in June of this year. This thread might help you:

    Good luck!


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