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    You loose, I win - new aff concept
    I got the following invitational email from an UK based betting/gambling merchant. Instead of the standard one-time bounty they offer something new:

    Following the usual yadda yadda comes the beef:

    "The affiliate will be rewarded by being paid 15% of the net cumulative loss
    for the client base they hold within their affiliate account.

    For example:
    Company A promotes [this merchant] to its client base. From this promotion 100 clients open accounts with [this merchant]. For the first three-month period the 100 clients collectively loose £10,000. Therefore the affiliate will be paid 15% (£1,500) at the end of this period. The affiliate reward will be paid to the affiliate for the lifetime of the client."

    First time I come accross something like that. The more succers you refer the richer you can get. Cool, if they gamble their house/car/family away I get 15% of it

    Anyway, if anybody still wants the details please PM me.

    Cheers, Frank
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    What if there is a net win among everyone you refer? Do you owe the program money?
    I wouldn't trust a program with a payment scheme like this. It exudes a very negative vibe.

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    that's the typical payment plan in gambling. You get always paid on net loses of the players you refer.
    Should the players win, you usually don't owe anything, but some programs carry over negative balances.

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    Yes beware of negative balance. I'm affiliated with more than 50 casinos, not one is below 30% commission so your [merchant] is very out of competition maybe, in this industry.
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