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    1,608 and postmasterdirect scammy tactics
    ( and postmasterdirect's illegal and misrepresentation tactics)

    first, sends out an email to your site's email subscribers (through their emails) falsely claiming to be the administrator of your website, in a carefully worded language that makes it appear that it is a requirement to opt in to their list.

    even when that doesn't bite, they send out marketing emails anyway, still claiming to represent your website, this time also claiming that the subscriber has opted in even though he has not.

    a second letter of complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is in the works.

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    I agree they're scumbags and professional spammers with no respect for their members. Just Adwhores doing their community drag queen skits to peddle e-mail addresses and privacy info.
    Webmaster's... Mike and Charlie

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    Do you have a sample of the email you can post?

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    I used to have a forum at and never realized how much spam E-mail I got until I closed the forum and moved it. Later I realized a lot of it must have come from harvesting E-mail details of forum members.



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    Subject: Confirmation Required - Just one more step


    Thank you for your request.

    Simply click the link below to confirm your recent information request.

    (Please do not reply to this message. If you are unable to click the
    link above, please copy and paste the link into your browser window).

    You may remove yourself from this service or change the content
    you receive at any time. To protect your privacy, we will not activate
    your request until you confirm.

    This service will be managed by our partner, PostMasterDirect, who will
    send you relevant offers from third parties.

    PostMasterDirect's privacy policy can be viewed at:

    Once you confirm, you will be added to:
    free stuff

    We hope you enjoy the convenience and we'll see you online!


    Request received at:
    Time of request: xxxxxxxxx

    Email address received:

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    In the above sample, I changed my site's name to Mywebsite and my email username to Myemail.

    Please note the instances that Postmasterdirect is claiming to be Mywebsite itself:
    1. The Mywebsite address in the "From" field
    2. The Mywebsite name at the bottom of the email

    They are making it appear that the email solicitation came from Mywebsite and not from Postmasterdirect, and that Postmasterdirect is only a partner of
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    Then, in further emails, the following message is tucked in at the top of the spam email:

    "You elected to receive this third party message through the
    PostMaster Direct Service at"

    First of all, I did not click on the link they provided in previous emails, so electing to receive is definitely out.

    And second, by mentioning, they make it appear that is responsible for the spam messages.

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