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    Cool Link Suggestion in CJ panel
    Is there a way for CJ to Expire offers that are no longer valid? For example, ebags has quite a few expired coupons in their panel. shows coupons available when you do a coupons search but when you view the page of coupons, through they appear to be valid because the links and images are there, they are all expired. HSN has expired coupons/links. I was in the panel last night and found about 30 merchants of mine that have invalid offers posted that "appear" to be valid if you are pulling links.

    Aside from expired offers being in there, affiliates can actually PULL the expired offers and put them on their sites. Unless they click one specific link, there is no way to know they are expired.

    It would be wonderful if the offers could just disappear when expired or move to an archive that just the merchants can see if they want to reactivate the offer, OR a if big red EXPIRED would appear where affiliates VIEW the links so they don't waste their time pulling expired links.

    It would also be helpful if an offer HAS an expiration date , that the date be listed somewhere in plain site ( the page where you view available links would be wonderful).

    Thanks :0)

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    This is one of my pet peeves. The amount of expired offers outnumber the current ones in many cases. This happens at all three 'major' networks- still seeing offers that expired in fall 2004!
    This could probably solved w/ programming. (but please don't have another 'update' to solve this problem).lol

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    i think they should have it to where we can organize the companies/types by labled folders... but i should suggest any upgrades since they screwed everything up since the last one... geeez
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