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    Exclamation Warning, anonymous proxy changing Adsense code
    Mentioned over at WmW, and anonynous proxy is interfering with Adsense code on pages, inserting their own Adsense code. Google has been notified. Might be an idea to check log files for this one just in case. - See

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    Damn, time to go to bed, I just read that as:

    "Google is mortified."

    Well they should be.


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    Sorry maybe its too early for me yet but I'm trying to understand how to detect if someone is surfing my pages with this.

    Is it in the useragent?

    Also does it break your adsense ads just when that person is on your site? And they click their own ads without Google detecting its them?

    Or do they somehow overlay their ads onto yours and everyone veiwing your pages gets the bad guys ads and all of your adsense revenue is kaput?


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