It's interesting how MSN has indexed one of my sites (and possibly all of them, as I haven't had time to check).

When I search for, it of course returns all of the pages on my site that are indexed. (By the way, it looks like MSN can't tell the difference between using the www or not using the www, just like google.)

What's curious, and perhaps because I use Mambo/Joomla for this site in particular, is how it indexes my banner advertising. It's probably more likely though that it's because the banners aren't direct links, but have the in the URL

The search result page references each banner as though it's a page, and when you click on it, it puts you straight through to the site that I'm advertising for. Meaning, while the title and description are for my site, the end result is the target page of the banner.

Has anyone else noticed this?