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    Due to CJ nonsense, I have decided to slowly change my products links to Performics, as most of my Merchants are available at Performics, but before moving, It would be better to read some comments from its current affiliates.
    What are your comments on Performics, is it any better than CJ?, do they provide consolidated payments? How is tracking compared to CJ.
    Do Performics respect their Affiliates?

    Your comments are highly appreciated.

    Nabeel Khalid.

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    I don't do anything with Performics, but I've always been under the impression they are Parasite Central. Maybe that's changed lately, but they sure were infested at one time...and didn't seem to do anything about it...


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    Their payments are more similar to LinkShare. They consolidate all payments, have a direct deposit option, and pay only after the merchant has paid. Many merchants take a month or two to pay.

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    They are parasites friendly. It's hard to get links, they can expire your links in no time (meaning you're not paid for yr traffic). You never know how much you're going to be paid but they pay and they send you an email with your earning. (sometimes after the money is already in your bank account) You can't see your paycheck on their website, they have daily reporting of your commissions.
    They are good to watch your business and then compete with you for their merchants.
    They don't brag like other networks about what they are doing (or not doing for many), they have big names in the catalog business.
    Many of the big names don't allow deep linking or if they do, they can change they policy with no warning.
    If you have a mall kind of website, you have to know them.

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    2.5 of 5 stars from me.

    Their interface is always absolutely hideous. Upgrades seem to be done by whoever thinks their basic format is good--meaning that, although "upgrades" don't seem to end up in massive crashage, they just result in different versions of hideous, rather than improvements.

    Not enough of their merchants have feeds, and for the ones that do, it was a huge pain to get set up right! Once set up, though, they send a feed up daily. Whether you want daily or not!

    Their programs are usually run by a Performics-provided AM. Who is often clueless, or overworked, or both. A cloud of confusion seems to hang over them, when asked about specifics. In my experience, they start out eager to help, but soon descend into a morass of "Huh?!" Better training would do 'em well.

    I've had trouble getting good results, sales-wise, out of their merchants. So I tend to think of the place as "NON-performics." But, I do have one merchant there that actually kicked in and is performing.

    All that said, my fraud-screen seems to have worked well at weeding out the nonpaying variety of deadbeat: I do get paid within a reasonable amount of time. And, no reversals. But, I'm not sure if the no reversals is *truly* a lack of reversals, or if they do some kind of batching mojo to hide them.
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    One thing I just noticed with them today is that you can now delete activated links. It used to be that once you selected a link, it was there forever.

    I only have about 10 merchants with them and out of those, I would say that around 4 of them gives me good results.
    Rick M.
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    I actually made a couple of sales with them back in JULY. $80 commision- still havent been paid. Plus I cant find any kind of payment schedule info. on their site.

    But other than that, and their interface, they're just peachy.

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